Friday, August 24, 2012

The Master Plan, A Little Rant

Well, my husband and I had decided to give the master plan another try this year.  For one reason or another it hasn't even been possible but this year things were looking up.  We got approved for financing and started looking for a house.  This was six months ago.  At first it seemed as if it would be a little bit of a challenge but nothing major and we had high hopes of finding something in a timely manner.  We figured it may be a month or three but not only did we not expect it to take this long, but it has been ridiculously difficult.  Pretty much impossible. 

The only loan we qualify for is a USDA loan which covers 100% of the costs so that we don't have to have a down payment.  That seems great until you realize that they have gotten to a point where they nit-pick every damn detail to the point that nothing will pass their standards unless it is in perfect condition and move in ready.  It can't even need a coat of paint!!  Which would be fine except that 1. I will repaint anyways and we can fix small repairs fairly cheaply and 2. All of the properties that meet their standards, don't meet our needs and if it meets our needs, it doesn't seem to meet their standards.  *sigh*

It has gotten to be such a difficult prospect that we are verging on giving up.  I mean really!!  With our price range (which isn't much) we should still be able to get what we need out of a property.  But we can't seem to in this area!!  This place is not only a slum (very few people take care of their houses) but they have too high of an opinion of themselves and their properties!!!  At best it is sad and pathetic.  At worst it will make you go crazy. 

If you don't have the cash to buy straight up or for a sizable down payment for a conventional loan then no one cares.  You would think that if they really wanted to sell their house they would bother with making it presentable and fixing it up a little to make it available to more types of buyers.  Especially since we are not the only ones in the area who are in the same price range with the same type of loan.  But no, they don't and won't.

So in the end, something that should be a great experience and joy has turned into nothing but pain and misery.  And I have enough of that in my life already with my body.  It makes getting through my day rather difficult and it slows down my productivity.  Which upsets me enough as it is that when the house thing is added to it, I just really want to scream!!

Ok.  Sorry for the rant.  Hope y'all are having a better day and year.  Blessed be.

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