Friday, March 8, 2013


We are still trying to settle into our new house.  We are very much enjoying our house so far.  I LOVE the fact that I am getting to see so much wildlife in the back yard.  We have seen an owl (don't know what kind though), two coyotes, a fox, a herd of deer (10 total), and three neighborhood cats (I know they aren't wild but it still makes me happy). 

But I am soooooooo hating the fact that we still can't afford to get internet.  *sigh*  It is so depressing.  I want it back!!!  I started this blog with the hopes and plans of actually being able to post fairly often.  It disappoints me deeply that I can't yet.  If anyone is checking out my page on a regular basis, then I apologize profusely that I am rather boring.  BLAST!!!  I want to do better.  I hate not having enough money.

Well, that is enough complaining!  I am actually pretty happy with my life right now.  Things are going pretty well.  I hope all is well for everyone else as well. 

Blessed be,
The most boring blog writer to date.  :-P