Monday, August 20, 2012

Not Good News But Not Bad News Either

So I just recently found out that I have two tumors in my neck.  One on each side, just under my jaw.  It is called a Bilateral Carotid Body Tumor.  Basically that means there is one on each side and they are located on the carotid artery where it splits as it comes up mu neck to my brain.  The most common form of treatment is surgery because this type of tumor tends to be very resistant to radiation.  We don't know if it is cancerous (but it is a very slim chance of it) but it really doesn't matter since it needs to come out no matter what.  The unfortunate part is that they are only going to remove one right now since it can be seen and we will keep an eye on the other to see if it gets bigger. 

Usually this happens spontaneously in people older than me (60's and 70's) but sometimes it is genetic, which os the case here.  My father also has this and they only removed one and will watch the others progress.  So although it means surgery, which is never much fun, there really isn't anything to worry about.  The doctor that will ne doing the surgery has lots of experience with this so it all should be fine.  I will be glad to have it gone though because it bothers me that it is there and makes me look funny.  Well, funnier.  LOL.

On a happier note, I am keeping myself busy making hats and cozies and various other projects.  I am enjoying myself and making progress.  Now if I could just get to a point to bring in money, and find a house, that would be amazing!

All shall be well and may we all be blessed

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